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Judge Dredd - Dredd vs Death
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2000 AD´s Judge characters, despite their huge popularity in the long-running comic, have never really made their presence felt across the games industry. In fact, until now there have been only a couple of video games based upon the formidable Judge Dredd. However, Dredd vs Death for PlayStation 2 marks another outing for the merciless law enforcer, developed in-house at Rebellion. It is the 22nd century, and unemployment is endemic. Boredom is universal and only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. Naturally, the most feared and respected of all Judges is Dredd. But in the depths of Mega-City One, a group calling themselves the Death Cult are devising a plan to free the not-so-pleasant Dark Judges from their holding chamber in a Justice Department penitentiary. A story-driven shooter, Dredd vs Death does pit players against endless hordes of evil minions, but it does at least give a sense of meaning to the anarchy. Not that that matters too much to your average gamer, because most players will see this purely as the fun and uncomplicated shooter it really is. Refreshingly, the entire Dredd vs Death game can be played in a co-operative multi-player mode, and although the PS2 version doesn´t cater for 32 players like its PC counterpart, it does boasts some admirable split-screen gameplay. It´s largely a case of taking out the enemy together with an array of weapons. The computer AI is reasonably intelligent, so gameplay is challenging, but it´s not an all-out massacre - there is an element of strategy involved in the proceedings. You are the law - have fun!

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