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Kristi D. Steels: Private Eye & Diva , Hörbuch,...
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An urban female detective story centered around a trio of females from different backgrounds. Katrina Dymes is an ex female MPI (military police investigator). She´s an eye-popping, head-turning, young, black female private eye working the streets of Miami, Florida, where she goes by the name ´´Private Eye´´. Diva Kristi D. Steels is the daughter of one of the most decorated police detectives in Miami´s Crime Busters Squad, the late Jack Steels. The two cross paths, joining up with Crime Buster´s only female police SWAT team member, Mina Lang, completing the trio. All work to rid the streets of Miami´s feared gangs, the Three Clicks and Eight Ballers, both ran by the thug Trey-Dawg! The streets of Miami were already hot but are about to get turned up! In the mix, there are hot women, fast bikes, and a pretty boy, Sheik Montana, who has the 411 on everything and everybody! It is true that knowledge is power, but on the streets of Miami, Florida, it can also be deadly! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tabitha G.. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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