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CD on SUNDAZED RECORDS by BRUCE & TERRY - Best Stop pacing the floor, surf and hotrod aficionados, here´s the collection you´ve awaited for decades, the package you feared might never see legitimate release, the definitive legacy of the missing third of the Jan & Dean/Beach Boys/Bruce & Terry triumvirate. The Best Of Bruce & Terry illuminates two important missing links in the history of rock music: that between the Brill Building pop of the early 60´s and surf and hotrod music, and the other between surf/rod and the folk-rock explosion of the mid-60´s. But fear not, school-a-phobics, this is much more than mere history, it´s the genesis of the California Sound, a jangly, upbeat celebration of summer, girls, cars and the ocean. Our package contains a total of 20 essential rides, all from the original master tapes, the charting singles ´Custom Machine´ and ´Summer Means Fun,´ all other Columbia single sides, 4 rare cuts waxed under the name The Rogues, a slew of unreleased and first-time-stereo tracks, rare photos and extensive interviews (finally!) with Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and producer-wunderkind Terry Melcher.

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